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Stingray City

We had the opportunity to swim with the stingrays at Stingray City in Grand Cayman.  It was one of those 'once in a lifetime' experiences.

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IMGP8095.JPG (91322 bytes)
We took a small charter boat out to the stingray area
IMGP8105.JPG (344102 bytes)
Here are our guides, introducing us to a stingray
IMGP8115.JPG (324453 bytes)
Stan and Marie with a stingray
IMGP8110.JPG (362985 bytes)
Marie, holding a stingray
IMGP8117.JPG (91962 bytes)
Kelley, holding a stingray
IMGP8118.JPG (346004 bytes)
Kelley prepares to share a kiss
IMGP8122.JPG (73367 bytes)
Stan with a stingray
IMGP8123.JPG (73267 bytes)
IMGP8125.JPG (93182 bytes)
Beth with a stingray
IMGP8136.JPG (98552 bytes)
Stingray climbing up Stan's back
IMGP8143.JPG (78273 bytes)
Stan found what appears to be a baby octopus
IMGP8152.JPG (86839 bytes)

Relaxing at the Beach

IMGP8165.JPG (343064 bytes)
We were ordered to have fun
IMGP8171.JPG (134190 bytes)
This is what a Caribbean beach ought to look like
IMGP8167.JPG (86076 bytes)
The live ones aren't as multi-colored as this
IMGP8175.JPG (75363 bytes)
IMGP8161.JPG (353243 bytes)
IMGP8173.JPG (113696 bytes)
IMGP8177.JPG (82054 bytes)
Marie and Stan looking at shells


IMGP8180.JPG (164947 bytes)
Fossilized rocks
IMGP8182.JPG (155611 bytes)
IMGP8187.JPG (89959 bytes)
Stan and Beth on the beach
IMGP8195.JPG (387447 bytes)
Lizards were all over the place
IMGP8215.JPG (119591 bytes)
IMGP8229.JPG (96383 bytes)
IMGP8235.JPG (99799 bytes)
Incredible quantities of liquor were loaded up
IMGP8238.JPG (102390 bytes)
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